Fast Acting Records was established in 2004. Here’s a short history of the bands we have worked with and the albums we have released.

2004: El Kabong – Pleasure Craft*

2006: El Kabong – This is Always Now***

2010: Grady Truchelut – Subliminal Moonshine**

2011: Grady Truchelut – Moon Dust**

2015: The Completists – In Some April Dusk

2015: Circular Corners – the out sound from way inside loop 224

2016: Shadow+Echo – The Dark Horse

2016: The Completists – Songs for Cats

2017: Homespun Centaurs – Homespun Centaurs


*out of print, unavailable online

***recorded but never released

**out of print, available at gradytruchelut.bandcamp.com


all other releases available at all major online outlets, iTunes, amazon, Bandcamp, Pandora Spotify YouTube